“Someday” . . . .

Welcome to my first Blog!

“Someday”  . . . as in  . . . “somewhere over the rainbow”  waits your pot of gold. It’s a nice dream and like the rainbow, a fleeting thought, that evaporates into the clouds of life.

I have been saying “someday” for a very long time . . . . “someday” I’m going to ________ (fill in the blank). You name it and I’ve probably said it . . . I want to do it all, it’s in my DNA . . . have time to paint, be my perfect weight, clean my basement (ok, well, I don’t really want to do this but . . .sometimes it’s necessary to just “do” what we dread), take an around the world cruise, travel, have time for a big garden, learn to can my own food, take interesting classes, learn more about photography, spend more time with family, host fantastic dinner parties, wake up every morning to the sun rising over the ocean, cultivate friendships, have time to relax, run barefoot with a ring of flowers on my head in a flowing dress though a meadow of flower on a bright, sun shinning day (yes, it’s my inner flower child emerging) and the list goes on. We all have “someday” dreams. What are yours? Dreams, without actions are mere fantasies and/or dreams unfulfilled.

For years, I have been declaring . . . . “someday”, I am going to write the great American novel and sell the movie rights”. Why not? Someone has to do it and it might as well be me! Year after year, as my pages remain white empty sheets of parchment, I ask myself why? Why do I have this dream and why don’t I take the steps necessary to make this dream a reality? The answer is simple, because it is not my passion; I am not motivated to commit to the process. I fantasized about writing the great American novel because, once accomplished, I dream about being financially independent, a worthy goal but with one problem, I have never been motivated by money. So what do I really want to do when I grew up?

Being a writer is appealing, but, what to write and more important, why? Where is my passion and motivation in life? I love helping people. In my real estate profession, it is the first time homebuyers, who need the most hand holding and guidance, where I find my greatest joy and satisfaction. They have a contagious excitement embarking on a new journey,  buying their first home. I love taking them “under my wing” as I would my very own children, and guide them though the home buying process. It is what I love and it gives me great pleasure. Teaching and showing a new buyer all there is to learn about a process that allows them to achieve their dream of home ownership. I love helping people . . . but is real estate my passion?

After much reflection (I’ve had years), I decided I want to write about subjects that inspire others to find their passions and achieve their goals . . . allowing dreams to go from fantasy to reality!

How am I going to accomplish this task . . .huuuummm?

About ten years ago it came to me in the form of a book title, “Mind, Mouth and Motion”. I knew instantly, this was what I wanted to do, inspire, motivate and help others achieve their goals of living a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. But (and there’s always a but) . . . . how could I write about a familiar subject, if I had not achieved my own perfect success? That very thought has kept me paralyzed for 10 long years! Fear of failure and/or of looking the fool are powerful life brakes.

My “someday” is now . . .gulp, deep breath, slowly release, hold my nose and jump! (well maybe I don’t need to hold my nose but I do need to jump).

Mind, Mouth and Motion, is the title of my blog. I have a vision and I’ve found my passion. Life is a journey and without taking the first step, “someday” is just a dream. To live a life with “no regrets” is to be alive and that is definitely how I want to live my life!

Sooooo, at the risk of being uncomfortable, maybe even a bit embarrassed (oh gosh, what am I about to do?), my “someday” is now my reality! I invite you to share my journey and I challenge you to find your passion and start your own journey! Life begins now!

Welcome to . . . . Mind, Mouth and Motion!